10 Day Christian Stewardship Holy Land Tour
Join Us For A Christian Stewardship Israel Tour June 2018 with Dr. Scott Preissler, Ph.D. Optional Jordan Pre-Tour.
Let the Bible come alive as you join this guided tour of Jerusalem, Nazareth and so much more of the Holy Land. You will walk in the footsteps of Jesus with both personal and group time to reflect on the spiritual significance of what you will experience. Please don’t hesitate to contact me at 817.980.4831 or my email address so I can explain details of this life-changing Israel Holy Land Tour or the unforgettable pre-tour of Jordanian biblical sites. Click the link below to read about DeHoney Travel and read daily highlights in the general brochure.
What is Included in This All-Inclusive Tour?
Each day is FULL of insightful Bible teaching while connecting sites with Scripture! I co-led a tour to Israel in 1996 so I wondered what this “all-inclusive”difference was all about. I also wanted a succinct summary of tour highlights & they are included in the link below.
Walk Where Jesus Walked
& Enjoy Prayer Walks in Jerusalem
Walk in the footsteps of Jesus all throughout Israel including two nights on the Sea of Galilee. Enjoy times of personal reflection, along with special prayer walk on walls of Jerusalem.
Tour of Biblical Sites Including the Places Described in Jesus’ Final Earthly Days
Enjoy teaching on the southern steps of the Temple Mount where the Church began. The Mount of Olives, Garden of Gethsemane and The Upper Room await your visit.
Our Tour Leader, Dr. Scott Preissler, is the state missionary director of Stewardship for the Georgia Baptist Mission Board. He also serves as the Executive Director of The National Center for Stewardship & Generosity. The Center’s highlight is the vast “Kingdom Generosity Collection”. The Collection is the world’s largest stewardship reference library, generosity artifact collection, and stewardship-related art galleries; used as a research facility by theology and philanthropy scholars world-wide.
Dr. Preissler has traveled in 37 countries as an educator and nonprofit leader, including 16 times to Israel.
All-Inclusive Highlights Israel and Jordan Tour Signup Form April 2018
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