Executive Coaching: Advance Your Career & Achieve Success

D. L. Moody said that our greatest concern in life should be to succeed in something that really matters. Have you defined what really matters to you and your team? Mark spent six months helping leaders of an organization come to terms with how their personal purpose intersects with the mission of the ministry. He will help you uncover your personal passion and how you can contribute to advancing your ministry’s overall vision.

Mark offers professional coaching with a focus on developing leadership skills — the many skills needed to drive change, manage complexity, build high performing teams, and maintain a strong personal focus. You will advance toward your ministry vision as you set overarching goals and there is clarity in defining progress and evaluating results.

Many of us have taken one to three day training programs and end up with training manuals that end up collecting dust. Mark provides hands-on training to help you take action steps toward your goals with accountability. After the first series of diagnostic conversations, Mark will help you in specific skill areas:

    • Major Donor Visits
    • Effective Board presentations
    • Leadership Skills
    • Time Management
    • CRM development strategies
    • Developing Communication Skills
    • Selling Skills (Prospecting, using questions, closing, overcoming objections, generating referrals)

Executive Coaching helps you achieve your desired income, ideal career path, and contribute to your ministry’s success. If you are ready to breakthrough roadblocks and reach the next level of success, contact Mark for more information.